Monday, May 17, 2010


I heard a rumor some guys are lighting up the spot formerly or currently known as Shitside/Kingshighway/KHVT/Charles Bronson in drag (vigilantly tranny) tonight (05/17/10) in anticipation of a St. Louis Post dispatch reporter coming down to check out the scene and do a story on it. It was also said that a turnout would be appreciated, purportedly to test the "strength in numbers" theory of social and political power.

I'm not sure if awareness raising is really what the spot needs but I guess it really can't hurt so long as the story is positive and supports whatever it is that is going on down there. Although the culture of skateboarding is rarely done justice in the mainstream press hopefully this can drum up support for our spot and the obvious need for a public skatepark in the city of St. Louis. So come show off your death-defying aerial maneuvers like "alleys", "flipkicks" and "gay twist" and don't forget that you young men (and young babes) really should be wearing a helmet.

Speaking of top notch, intelligent reporting, Beach is truly honing his writing talents over at the new Dude Life blog. Watch out Pilot Light, there is a new brain in the building.