Monday, January 11, 2010


I found out about the blog GET AT ME! today. It's a Kansas City blog that Sam McGuire posts on that he describes as "It's like the KC Pretty blog except it's only crappy cell phone photos and no actual useful content." Sounds great to us Sam. This entry, taken from a fateful night in which I managed to yell at a homeless person, renegade a beer in White Castle, and drop-kick a crave case into the side of Jack Donze's head in the matter of a half an hour, prompted a van full of the Escapist team to call me at 10:30pm on their way back from Miami to go with them to White Castle by my house and shotgun beers with them before I knew about said blog. I'm glad the internet age has allowed my late-night retardation to be so pervasive and inspiring. Oh yeah, Malto posts there too. OMG!