Thursday, December 10, 2009


Good Times Roll from 2HeadedHorse on Vimeo.

My friend and TSM web overlord Dan O' Sullivan asked me to post his new web/potential TV series on our blog, dubbed "Good Times Roll." The series purports to be a "groundbreaking new show that unites the worlds of skateboarding and BMX." I think we all know that this is, arguably, not always the most harmonious marriage when worlds collide. That being said, I'm excited about the series being aware of Dans filming, editing, and graphics chops. And if it is a total flop I have a hunch we will see a break out star in TSM photographer Mr. Bart Jones who after going skating with Dan and Patrick Melcher, unwittingly found himself a star of the show. Bart has a mind so beautiful in its fractured self-torturing comedy, it begs to express itself in a medium other than his skateboard photography. Good luck guys, the gates (arch) of St. Louis awaits your thundering arrival on your respective chariots of fire.