Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm going to take a break from all the face melting shredding that goes on around these parts and introduce you to an old friend of mine. This handsome little guy is Bario. We found him around this time 3 years ago as he was wandering the hard streets of Chino, CA when he was just a pup. He may not be quite as handsome (or as useful) as our friend Jake, the Saint Bernard* in the previous post, or as talented as subjects of other "happy (insert Pretty functionary here) days" on this blog, or even as cool as the subjects of "happy days" on TV. But he certainly kept me happy and kept my mind off the fact that I lived in a squalid shithole with five other people at the time, surrounded by Mexican gangsters and the thick, ever-present stench of dairy farms. I suppose there was a good skate park but the scene there wasn't too pretty either.

I miss Bario (he lives at Matt Ball's house in Vegas now, I pray for you little buddy!) but I've moved on from those strange days. Now I live in a nice house in St. Louis where I can finally relax and focus on my knitting, catch up on my soaps, and take in the sublime joys of subtle home decoration/improvement as pictured here. That's my work tearing apart a 20 year old BBQ pit made of cinder blocks and solid concrete. I think the 400 pound slab falling through the fence adds a modern touch of retro chic I was aiming for, wouldn't you say? Expect the cinder blocks to pop up at a local DIY spot near you. Thanks for picking them up Goeke.

By the way, I lost my digital camera at the city museum a couple weeks ago. Expect more pointless digressions using old photos.

*I refuse to believe this.