Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hood's in town! I met up with him, Guy, Drew, and David at Shitside yesterday. It was "hella" shaded on such a hot day, so that was nice. It started out as a leisurely session, but then David got things going with a no-comply pole jam. Drew and Hood were giving me the stink eye at first, but finally decided to rip. Drew warmed up on the small bank with a blunt, then did a switch pole jam. He finished off at the barrier, with a back smith, back lip, and front feeble grind. Hood took Drew's energy and ran with it. He ollied the "boob" with ease, then he did a massive wallride from the bank to the marble slab. Finally, he did a switch boardslide across the barrier and over the steps. Not too shabby boys. -Worful