Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It is well known among us serious artists that there are some past creations you wish you could bury in a deep grave and some timeless gems that only get better as the years pass. When David Uthus and I got drunk and sat down and edited the first HOB video in a single night, we had no idea we were creating what would be an installment in THE BEST LINEAR-EDITED SKATEBOARD VIDEO SERIES EVER MADE. We made six videos total (never finished the sixth one actually) along with a few offshoots and bonus material on a limited run DVD version of the first three videos. What used to be a rare find is now available on Youtube thanks to a random HOB fan going through the painstaking process of posting all of the first three on Youtube. Its kind of a confusing pain in the ass to watch the videos in fragmented low-quality form, so it pretty much stays true to the HOB aesthetic. Super! Our friend and former HOB associate Christopher Roeleveld also recently posted some of the extras and bonus material including an embarrasing and hilarious early "sponser me" tape of me that probably would've got me pretty far back then, had we actually sent it anywhere.

There's also a section of footage from David's old dad cam where it looks like I actually know what i'm doing on a skatepark rail. What I would give to be young again. It also features the most amazing kickflip ever done over a skatepark pyramid by the one and only Joe Jackson.

You can start your journey through the first HOB trilogy with this old game of skate between Joe and I. Most of the rest of the series is in small chunks in the scrollbox next to the video. Enjoy. Hey David, let's get to work on that last video and DVD yeah?