Thursday, November 20, 2008


Dear STL skateboarders,
Unlike the fear-mongering Bush administration, we bring you this bit of frightening news out of genuine concern, not for personal gain. Our friend Jared (who has a 3 flip that would make BA jealous) passed along this alarming anecdote:

hey dude this is jared. DUDE THERE WAS A SHOOTING AT GHETTO PARK!!!!!

omg dude, this was one of the scariest experiences ever. dude there was a random guy walking down the street off of delmar where the tennis courts are. he was just walking down the street shooting like a small 22 or something. i dont know too much about guns but dude this guy was NUTS!!! i saw him shooting in the air, he shot at this van that rolled down the street and as and my friend chris ran to my car he started to yell "come here cuz come here." so we got in my car and were gone. so all i can say is KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!!!!! next time you guys go to the tennis courts because this guy was nuts.

To make matters worse, at that epic Blind School session that Worf blogged about the other day, the cops were swarming. A lone officer in a squad car asked us if we had seen a couple of suspicious individuals. We hadn't and told her no accordingly. She sped off without further ado. A few minutes later, two officers rolled up and barked out the same question. AFTER we cooperated with them, they informed us that there had been a shooting in the area. Obviously our safety was not a priority to them.

So take Jared's words to heart, players: "KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!!!!!!" Shit is really real out there. We love you all.
Yr pals at Pretty

P.S. To leave you with at least some bit of goodness, here's Jared's bangin' 3 flip mentioned earlier...