Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Goeke has curated an art show centered around the artistic activities of local skateboarders. It's called SKATEABLE, and we're pretty excited about it!

Check out the above flyer for all the pertinent details, but the Goekster wants us to mention that on the day of the opening, Thursday the 4th, a "pub-skrawl" will push off at 5:30 pm at the Pin-Up bar in the Loop and will take the metrolink over to Belleville to hit up another bar before winding up at MAPS art gallery.

For the underage types, note that there will be a BBQ at the Belleville skatepark on the 13th. It's sponsored by our good friends at Infinity and a Consolidated STL board will be given away. The gallery will be open all day too so kids can stop by and see the art.

But the most unique thing about the event, and the thing that makes it truly Goekefied is that Ben will be creating 3-5 new spots by the 13th. After all, creating a spot, just as much as skating a spot, is a form of art. Who knows what the objects will be--hell, they might just be some janky wooden pallet creations--but if you've never shredded a Goeke-approved obstacle, you haven't fully lived the STL skate experience.

Goeke promises that the whole event will be "sweet," and we know that he has been working hard, so we have high hopes. Please come out and support.