Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Fellow head-scratchers and ponderers of life's mysteries, if you're at all like us, you've often wondered just where the hell Jon Schwartz gets his zen-like skateboard talents. If the above photo didn't spell it out for you: FLOWER POWER!!! That's right, who would've guessed that our very own perma-smiled hockey-checking shredder is really a dirty hippie at heart?

Perhaps your third eye is more attuned than ours or you already picked up on his good vibrations, but for us, it puts everything in a new light. Check it out, man:

For this groovy switch biggie, brother Jon finished up his afternoon meditation and burst out of the commune gates with such speed that his crown of lotus flowers flew off like a dove and his tie-dyed robe burned away like Humboldt's phinest. He gracefully ascended the bank as if it were some stairway to heaven, and popped his board off with more force than a pig's riot gun back in '69. Even the birds stopped their singing in reverence as his board spun cleaner than the wheels of a solar-powered VW bus. When he decided to end his levitation, Jon chose an appropriate spot on planet earth and touched down as softly as a rainbow. An intense yet soothing smell of incense could be detected at the spot for days afterwards.

All photos by Worful, peace.