Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The Done Trip is coming through town in the form of a demo this Friday at the JB park! So yeah, let's just agree to agree that we're all gonna be there because it sounds like fun. According to Infinity the demo's going to start at 5pm. If it happens to rain then there's going to be a signing under the pavilion right next to the park. The list people that will be there for sure are Robbie Brockle, Jake Donnelly, Marty Murawski, Ryan Pierce, Joe Tookmanian, Ernie Torres, and Clint Walker. Oh and RANDY PLOESSER! He better do one of his famous kickflip melon grabs over the entire park or I am going to be supremely bummed. Thanks for setting this up Infinity, can't wait! -Worful

P.S. Infinity wanted to stress the fact that a park ranger would be at the demo, so please no funny business. Be safe and have fun!