Monday, March 14, 2011


Dear St. Lous weather, WE'RE BREAKING UP. Our relationship is just too up and down lately. I can't do this anymore. It's not me, it's most certainly you. So yeah, it's snowed today, but just a couple days ago it was pretty nice outside and Bobby came and picked me and Guy up to go skating. Bob was not only nice enough to pick me up (my car's in the shop*), but Guy was also nice enough to let me use his cruiser board for the day** (thanks Guy!). We started off at the blind school, and that was nice because I don't think any of us had been there in awhile. Then we checked out a couple more spots before asking Pratte for directions to this park in Granite City, IL that we'd never been to (thanks Jake!). So we went there and it's a fun little park for sure. There were some local youths there as well as some local media. Then we did some local sightseeing before grabbing some Mexican food on Cherokee Street and calling it a day. -Worful

*Both Bob and I were having expensive car woes last week, which lead him to get a cool new car that he chauffeured us around in all day. Thanks Bob!

**I pulled what Bobby dubbed a "Double Ploesser" by leaving not only one but TWO completes in the trunk of my car before I dropped it off at the mechanic. What makes this worse is that one of the boards was the loaner from Bob from when I left my board in my car at the mechanic right before we left for Arizona. I'm blowing it folks!