Monday, September 13, 2010


So I went out this weekend and tried to enjoy some of this nicer weather we've been having. Saturday I picked up Schwartz and Guy and we headed to the blind school ledges once the morning rain dried up. We saw our little buddy who's house shares the same alley the ledges do. While tossing the the ol' football around he made a point of reminding us to pick up our trash when we skate there because it bums his dad out. So note to all skaters who skate that spot: please pick up your trash. All those neighbors are super nice for not calling the cops on us and whatnot, so yeah just be sure to be respectful when you're there. Next we went to the fountain where the neighbors definitely do NOT want us around (not that we don't need to be respectful there too). Bobby Taylor, Larry, Chris, Jared, and Myron were there, and Randy showed up too. We skated for a bit, but then someone called the cops and we decided to try and find a spot Randy had seen from the Metrolink recently. We couldn't find it (or WAS there even a spot to begin with?), but found a bank to skate along the way. Finally we met Gabe at another spot, but by the time we got there it was dark and we called it a day. Sorry you drove out there for nothing Gabe, ugh. We owe you a Dew. -Worful