Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I hope everyone had a good long weekend! The weather was super nice, and I ended up getting out there a little bit. Saturday I met up with Guy and Zurheide at the up ledge, and pretty soon Bobby Taylor, Larry, Chris, and some friends of theirs showed up and we had a packed session on our hands. It was sick. Bobby showed me a sneak peak of some of the clips he's been getting of people, I was hyped! Then we took things to the lighting company bank so Bobby could try and get a clip of me, but I was blowing it. Sorry Bobby! Everyone else was ripping though. Later that night I met up with Bobby Marksteiner and his good friend Dave who was in town from Illinois. We skated this parking lot I used to skate when I was in junior high. Gabe met us there too and lots of "non-skating" skating ensued. Sunday I saw those three again, as well as Guy, Schwartz, and Alex. More fun in the sun, and then we called it a day. Goodbye summer, hurry back soon!