Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Pretty X Dude Life: Our First Date from Randy Ploesser on Vimeo.

Hot on the heels of Jack's American Idol submission is this montage of Chicago footage from the day after Dave's fundraiser. Pretty and Dude Life joined forces for the first time (since dude life was started anyway) for a massive two-day tour of one skatepark and one street spot. Beauty and the Beast it was not, but it was lots of fun and nothing is more fun than a bunch of pathetically hungover old guys semi-skillfully and halfheartedly playing on their skateboards.

Its entitled "Our First Date" and it sure was a awkward at first (see: early shot of Joe and Ryan on the subway) but after we broke the ice it was apparent our two fake companies (or totally like "real" bro, depending on how you look at it) were a match made in heaven. So it is with a heavy heart that I must tell Arizona's Brimley skateboards that we might be through. You guys might have a cool mustache but Dude Life has a burly patch of chest hair to run our fingers through.

I composed the music in the video on the concertmate 900, a keyboard slightly more tech but not nearly as hardcore street as the rapmaster 2000 Jack uses. It may seem to be a delightful and catchy pop number at first but by the third time it plays through, like a lot of pop music, it might make you want punch your computer or the person nearest you. The editing software that comes built in with my new Flip HD camera seems as if it were made for trained chimpanzees to mass-edit high school graduation and wedding ceremony videos. It allows you to pick one song which it randomly places and loops, crossfades every clip, and really only has about 3 options total. Maybe I should get final cut already.