Thursday, May 27, 2010


Full of Fuck from David Thomas on Vimeo.

Continuing the audio visual crossbreeding of the Pretty and Dude Life blogs comes this corn-fed edit (cornfedit?) courtesy of David Thomas. Our Nashvillian friend John Hood has been long backed by Pretty but, as you can gather in this edit, he is probably more into the rugged handsomeness of the dude life lifestyle than the precious and delicate comeliness that Pretty tends towards. One thing that is for sure is that he is "full of fuck" and i'm going to have to assume his style is more "rawdog in a dive bar bathroom stall" than our sensitive "candlelight and smooth jazz romancing" approach to lovemaking.

So thats cool John, visit Chicago whenever you want to get your Dude Life fix, but us Pretty types in St. Louis are always down for a "man's man" like yourself from time to time. What can we say.

Worf and I are heading to Peru tomorrow for 10 days so look forward to some great post from that.

There is a new photo on the final gravity that I shot in Australia of my friend Schooner. That was a rough weekend.