Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yesterday was a good day. First off, it was the birthday of a certain GUY we're friends with. This particular GUY didn't want anyone to know about it though. But we hope this GUY had a very happy birthday all the same. Meanwhile, a bunch of us went to check out an awesome spot that Drew and his friends have been working on. They're really doing a nice job and we had a super good time there. Bobby made use of the bench and ledge with a frontside lipslide, a nosegrind, and a backside lipslide. He celebrated, as usual, with an Arizona Ice Tea. Hood got into the barrier with a frontside 5-0 and a front feeble stall, and then he celebrated with an improvisational hop over the donut. Finally, with minutes to spare before he had to go to work, David did a "hella tight" feeble grind across the barrier. He said he was going to celebrate with a beer later. We celebrated by cheering. Jake celebrated, as usual, by looking like a badass. Photos by Worful.