Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A couple of years ago Jack and I spent four glorious months living in foggy Londontown. Toward the end of our stay we were greeted with a spontaneous group of guests, the likes of which being Michael "Filmbot" Stanfield, Mark "Mark-Ass" Stewart, Derek "Fuck-A-Haircut" Fukahara, Jason "Q. What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW? A. Tre Flips" Wakuzawa, and the one and only Marty "I will fakie 5-0 your baby and make you name him 'Marty' then fakie flip out" Murawski. In recent blogging, Randy digitally pasted a short video of Mr. Marty Murawski and Co. which included footage shot during Jack and I's sojourn in beautiful Brittiania. After viewing the video, I realized that we did not get our dues and so we had to painstakingly plan a way to point out our illustrious yet elusive presence. And so, that's the background info which brings us to our posting today.

So without further ado, OUR PROPS. Thank you.
Jack and David