Friday, February 4, 2011


Untitled from theHIGH5 on Vimeo.

The High Five "The High Road" trip is officially overs, and we've had a little time to go back through footage of all the nonsense (and a few perfectly sensible things) that happened on the long 3 week escape from the frozen solid ice-hell of the midwest.

The first video is a Preston Harper-edited montage of our Flip camera footage of the trip courtesy of his blog Bloggy Treats. Like Preston's many other montages, it is jam-packed with bro-filmed hijinks, mediocre to gnarly skating, silly pop music, and is of utmost entertainment value. And, although I know this is not "Triple Feature Friday" it should also be mentioned that The High Five posted a re-edit of Preston's part in the new but sadly unduplicated Brimley video which should at this point be somewhat famous for its intro sequence that was posted online recently.

HOLY FUCKIN' INTERNET! Do people even have time to take a whiz these days?

Our second feature is from Scott "Horsey" Walker's blog bagel's and beers and was also filmed and edited by Mr. Walker. It is pretty much just Steve Fauser and I trying to skate off hangovers of the most demotivating variety using a box that some of our friends out there might recognize as a near replica of Troy Mccay's old box. It features music by hippo-assed rap diva Nicki Minaj, which by playing in the car over the course of the trip went from being enjoyed ironically to near fanatical obsession.

I'm afraid I don't have the time tonight to critically break down the subtleties of these two works of video art or to sing the praises of Nicki Minaj's very unsubtle ass but I hope you can appreciate them on their own merits all the same without having me hold your hand and interpret them as I usually do. You can check out some photos from this trip at The High Five digital dump.

All of the "real" skate footage (boring, contrived, painfully attained) and photos are under wraps for use in a magazine article and video project. How charming and old-fashioned!