Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In the events preceding the pole jam excursion, Worful and Randy orchestrated a urethane symphony on the musical metal ramps of Webster skate park. Luckily I was there to document this rare occurrence and the effect it had on people passing by. Some people were uninterested and perhaps even borderline annoyed by the "racket", but I blame it on the faulty acoustics, and I blame that on half of the Webster skate park stage being absent. Really, every outdoor auditory performance is done with some sort of transitioned architecture in nearby proximity (ie. here, here, and most notably here). Anyway, Alex was involuntarily letting the sights and sounds take over his body (which can be seen by his responsive, expressive and seemingly unorthodox dance maneuvers), but the entire tennis team can be seen walking by with the utmost unenthusiastic attitude. Maybe it's because they just finished practicing on this.


P.S. A thousand thank you's for presenting me with the privilege of posting on the Pretty blog! I'll try my best to keep the stream of conscious drivel to a minimum and the montage making at a maximum.