Monday, May 11, 2009


There was a nice little session on Saturday at Shitside (I guess that's the official name now?) with Reggie, Bobby, Jake, David, Randy, and a bunch of other kids. Reggie blessed me with one of his effortless wallies. Then he complained about not looking tough when he's on this blog. So we fixed that. Meanwhile Jake blessed me with his effortless toughness. David had some fancy schmancy camera and was the light falling around Randy's various maneuvers on the barrier. After that Bobby and I headed to Joel's fiancee's birthday party in Tower Grove park. Joel was clearly excited that Guy made an appearance, but he seemed a little more excited about the cake. Finally Guy and I met some other friends at Webster University to watch the screening of David's final film project, presented in Uth-O-Vision. It was the best of show for sure. Congrats David! He also graduated earlier that morning. Double congrats! -Worful